Curiosity Music Festival

June 27 - July 1 | Snug Lake Amphitheatre

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3 Stages of unforgettable music

The Lineup

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Get Involved!


DJ ApplicationS

DJ applications are closed. Please apply next year.


Art Installations

Everyone knows art installations add a special part to each and every event.

New to Curiosity this year is our art installations and themed camps throughout the grounds.  We would like to invite you to submit your ideas to us. Installations and camps can have very few guidelines.

All installations and setups must:

  • Be appropriate for all ages

  • Be safe and secure from all potential weather conditions

  • Able to be installed and removed quickly

  • Free to roam through at anytime

Let your mind soar and create that one of a kind unique space for all to enjoy. 

Curiosity Music Festival may be offering ways to help fund your art project and expand our festival at the same time.  Approved art installations will be provided with more information via e-mail. 


Themed Camps

Themed camps are those one-of-a-kind groups who make our event special.

We encourage and promote setting up group/theme camps. Groups of various sizes are welcome. Incentive packages are available for camp leaders.

New to Curiosity this year is our art installations and themed camps throughout the grounds.  We would like to invite you to submit your ideas to us. Installations and camps can have very few guidelines.

All installations and setups must:

  • Be appropriate for all ages

  • Be safe and secure from all potential weather conditions

  • Able to be installed and removed quickly

  • Free to roam through at anytime

Let your mind soar and create that one of a kind unique space for all to enjoy. 

Curiosity Music Festival may be offering ways to help fund your art project and expand our festival at the same time.  Approved theme camps will be provided with more information via e-mail. 


Media Applications

Media applications are closed. Please apply next year.



Our vendor village is home to dozens of talented artisans from around the country. Shop your festival favourites, and discover new gems!


Workshop Applications

Curiosity Music Festival offers various opportunities for people to get involved, including running their own workshops.

Workshops are a great way to share your craft with our guests.  Through personal interaction with people like yourself to expand their knowledge in all sorts of realms.  From morning yoga sessions, to crafting lessons in various forms of art.  Endless opportunity awaits for you to share your special gift with all our attendees


Curiosity Crew

Please note that working for any event is demanding, and requires you to work under time pressure and to be flexible. The guidelines that follow are intended to help the program run smoothly and make your crew experience a positive one.

Remember, everything our guests see contributes to the overall impression of the Festival.


  • Community-minded and sociable individuals are essential

  • Outgoing and willing to engage with others

  • Reliable and punctual

  • Team spirited and cooperative

  • Have a love for EDM


Crew are required to check in at front gate and crew office upon arrival. All crew must report to the crew check-in 15 minutes prior to their first shift to receive a crew t-shirt and to check in with the crew Coordinator to receive department assignments for the shift.Crew headquarters will be located in the Vending Village.  We also ask that you please sign out at the end of each shift to receive your meal token.We are counting on you! If you are unable to make a shift, please contact the Crew Coordinator immediately so we can make arrangements to fill your shift.
WHAT MAKES A GOOD CURIOSITY CREW MEMBER?A person who is responsible, reliable, punctual, flexible, organized, polite & courteous. A good crew member has strong people skills and taking part in fun events!WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BECOMING A CREW MEMBER FOR OUR EVENT?We hope that you will be able to join us for two shifts (most are approximately 8 hours).For spending your time with us you will receive:A CREW T-shirt
1 meal voucher for each shift worked .


Please wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather and comfortable shoes. Please be reminded that the event will take place outdoors therefore sunscreen and a hat are recommended especially if your shift is outside. Every crew member will receive a Curiosity Music Festival t-shirt that must be worn during your shift. We ask that you not make any alterations to your crew t-shirt. If you plan on enjoying any of the festival activities after your shift, we ask that you remove your crew t-shirt after your shift.


  • Water

  • Limit the number of personal belongings you bring, as there is no individual secure storage at work sites.


  • Water is provided in holding tanks for all staff and guests.

  • Crew will be given a voucher for food and beverage.


  • We ask that you bring a positive attitude. Your attitude helps set the tone for the overall festival.

  • You should make every effort to present the festival to the public in a positive light. All crew members shall treat other crew, staff, performers, vendors and public with respect.

  • Please take the time to listen to any guest complaints or concerns and take them seriously. We value all our guests and crew so we want to ensure that you both have a positive experience. 

  • We do not want to give out any inaccurate information so if in doubt, ask. If a crew member is unsure about something or if the matter is serious, please contact the Crew coordinator or event manager immediately.

  • Crew members are not allowed to consume any alcohol or illegal substances during their shifts. Off-duty crew are required to remove their crew t-shirts.   All crew, on or off-duty are required to conduct themselves appropriately and professionally.

  • All crew members will attend the crew orientation provided prior to the festival. The date, time and location will be sent to you. It is imperative that you provide us your proper contact information and keep us informed if this changes. The orientation will provide all information that pertains to the festival and also provides you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

  • All crew members shall be shown a copy of the Emergency Plan and are expected to adhere to it. All medical emergencies shall be handled by on-site medical personnel only!

  • All crew will ensure that any equipment provided to them will be returned in the manner in which it was provided to them.

  • All crew members acknowledge that failure to comply with the expectations may result in their dismissal as a crew member and that they may not be asked back in subsequent years.


Born in the minds of the Curious council. Our family friendly festival is now in its 4th year. Curiosity music festival has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. This year proves to be no different. A beautiful acreage located off highway 5a in the southern interior of British Columbia with its own private lake and incredible mountain and valley views.

Featuring many popular DJs and artists from throughout Canada and around the world including but not limited to Stylus Beats and Abstrakt Sonance, plus many more. Not forgetting to highlight the local talents available throughout BC. Each stage will bring a unique sound and experience to Curiosity this year. Our Beach stage overlooking the lake will hold daily yoga sessions before easing our guests into a day of incredible music. Each stages sounds and environment will offer a different environment. Each afternoon Illuminati and Citadel stages will fire up showcasing artists from around the world until the sun rises.

This year we will also be including art walks and theme camps to enhance the experience. Unique and individual ideas will increase the overall feel of our festival allowing for expression on a whole new level. Our vending village will be stocked with treasures from near and far. New and returning vendors offering all your festival needs. Returning food vendors will feed our guests, staff and artists thorough out the weekend. Offering a variety of food, from vegan options to carnivorous choices.

Workshops will be another wonderful continuation this year. Varying from yoga workshops to wire wraps and everything in between. Our experienced teachers will guide guests through the processes involved in their particular craft. Another amazing year is planned for 2019. We would love for you to be a part of it.



The Illuminati Stage

The Illuminati Stage returns this year to amaze our guests once again. Proving to be a unique and varied stage, our hip hop showcase will return this year, alongside many new features to entice the senses.

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The Beach Stage

The beach stage offers our guests a place to relax in the early morning before daily yoga kick offs. Yoga beats lead into the day of music, continuing into the afternoon. Dance your heart out or lounge on the beach while listening to the day’s delights.

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New Stage:

The Citadel 


Our newest stage is a collaboration of Curiosity’s best friends and family across the globe. No one person can take credit for this amazing piece of functional art. It will highlight our talent, mesmerize our audience, and inspire the soul!

Are you Curious?



Snug Lake Amphitheatre

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When should I arrive?

Front Gate will be open to the general public Friday June 28, 2019 at 10am PST.

Music begins at 5:30pm on Friday.

Early entry tickets will be emailed their arrival time and date.

What time to the gates close?

The gate schedule is as follows:

3pm-9pm: Gate open, regular car processing and security check
9-10pm: Cars will be held - Walk in only (bags subject to search)

Friday - Sat
10am-9pm: Gate open, regular car processing and security check
9pm-12am: Cars will be held - Walk in only (bags subject to search)

10am-9pm: Gate open, regular car processing and security check

Final gate closure: 9pm Sunday

Is there a re-entry fee?

Re-entry is permitted for a $30 fee per Vehicle.  You will be required to check-in at Front Gate again upon re-entry.

There is no re-entry “fast” line, so if there are line-ups, please be prepared to wait and go through a security check again.

Is there drinking water onsite?

There is free potable water available onsite, but a good idea to bring your own stock as well.

Can I camp with my vehicle?

Camping with your vehicle is permitted, but will depend on space.  Please cooperate with our parking coordinator/attendants.

Can I bring my RV?

RV’s will be placed in designated areas on our grounds.

Will there be First-Aid ONsite?

Yes, there will be Medical/First Aid attendants, as well as a Sanctuary/Harm Reduction on site.

Is Curiosity an All-ages event?

Curiosity Music Festival is an all ages event.

2 pieces of Government ID will be required when you check in at front gate.  All age of majority attendees will receive a special wrist band that identifies them as 19+. 

Only 1 wristband will be issued to 19+ guests.  If you lose your wristband you will not be able to replace it and will no longer be able to drink for the length of event. 

Anyone caught drinking without appropriate wristbands may be asked to leave premises.  

Wristband must be worn at ALL times!

What time do I need to leave the site?

All attendants must vacate the festival grounds by 4pm PST at the latest on Monday, July 1st, 2019.

Can I have a fire at my camp?

Campfires or open flame devices are not permitted.  Propane/gas fire pits are not permitted during fire bans. 

Cooking by propane/butane only.

Can I bring my dog?

Animals of any kind are not permitted. Service dogs permitted with prior notification.

What's not allowed?

  • Alcohol - No liquor licensing is in place. Vendors will not be permitted to sell alcohol.

  • Illicit Drug use or sales. (Canadian Law)

  • Unauthorized vending.

  • Weapons of any kind. This includes axes, saws and knives larger than 4 inches.

  • Nitrous oxide.

  • Hazardous Materials other than propane/butane in small vessels no larger than 30 lbs.
    (Vendors permitted up to 80lbs.)

  • Any activity that is unsafe and/or jeopardizes the health and safety of any staff, guest or other visitors to the property.

  • Bad Attitudes.

  • Glass of any kind.

  • No fireworks.

  • No headdresses/war bonnets.

  • No renegade stages or amplified music between the hours of am – 11am. The stages are closed at this time. We all need our rest!

  • No dumping of sewage and/or grey water on property.

  • All Vehicles in camping areas are to be parked from dusk until dawn.  Any late arrivals will be permitted to enter camping area during daylight hours only.

Any tips?

  • Bring a variety of clothing. Temperatures can be high during the day, and cool at night. Pack for all weather.

  • Bring sunscreen and bug spray.

  • Purchase a pair of ear-saving earplugs from the Curiosity Store.

  • Disposal of garbage/recycling in designated areas only.

  • Respect neighbours camping spaces.

  • In event of emergency gather and follow instructions provided by event/property staff ONLY.

  • Respect the land.  Any destruction of property will result in eviction from the festival.

  • Please be mindful of your environment.  Look after our beautiful site – don’t just pick up your garbage, pick up your neighbours!

  • Camping in designated areas only.


Pre Order Curiosity Merch!

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